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Here at RKC Energy we are very passionate when it comes to Control Systems for Energy Systems

We off the supply, installation, commissioning and service of Monitoring and Control Systems solutions for Energy Management to the Industry. RKC Energy Systems has over 25 years’ experience in this field. We offer much more than generators – full pre-sales support and advice including site surveys if you need installation.

Everything from full electrical installation and certification – if you need a standby or prime power generation control systems, monitoring systems, or control system upgrades, retro fit of legacy hardware and software systems. then you have come to us.

We are is a privately-owned company with offices based in Gloucestershire, we specialise in tailoring bespoke systems to our customer’s specific requirements and have the necessary in-depth knowledge and technical experience for the wide range listed of products.

Cooling towers at power station

Industrial Services

  • Power Generation & Station Management Systems
  • Metering systems and metering data collection
  • Diesel, Steam and Gas Turbine Generator Control Systems
  • Retro fit legacy hardware / software Control Systems
  • Automation & management information systems
  • System Hardware CAD Design
  • System Software Design PLC
  • Bespoke Application design
  • Control Panel Manufacture and Assembly
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Planned and Breakdown Maintenance & Support

Software and PLC Systems

  • GE Proficy iFIX Automation management information system's
  • Real Time and Historical information systems
  • Historical / Real-time database information systems
  • Cimplicity Automation management information systems
  • Allen Bradley PLCs and SCADA
  • Emerson (Formally :- GEIP / GE Fanuc) PLCs and SCADA
  • Siemens & Mitsubishi PLCs
  • Comap generation controls
Multimeter and test leads
Old generators


  • Generator Control Panels
  • Mains Failure and Black Start Systems
  • Parallel Running Control Panels including G59/G99 solutions
  • Power Management Systems (PMS)
  • Station Management Systems & Auxiliary systems integration
  • Critical & redundant control systems
  • Distributed Metering Systems and Data Collection
  • Historical Information Collection and Display
  • Energy management
  • General industrial automation

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